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White Sands #B1-07
Stuff’d is also located at Tiong Bahru Plaza.
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6904 9345
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10.30am to 9.45pm

Stuff’d is a fast casual kiosk chain focused on Mexican and Turkish takeaways. Serving exceptionally tasty burritos and kebabs, the food is made and prepared fresh daily, right in front of you. The made to order flow allows you to choose whichever toppings you like, and their succulent grilled chicken is remarkably tasty as it is healthy. With its energetic customer base which swears by the food, many have invented their own secret menu of their favorite food combination. Go for the chicken kebabs if you’re new to Stuff’d, or if you’re looking for something even more filling, go for their Burritos! For no additional cost they can go up to a huge half a kilo! Making delicious food that you can take away quickly actually requires a lot of work, and takes quite a bit of time behind the scenes. After all our Kebabs, Burritos and Signature Quesadillas are made daily from scratch. We use really great natural ingredients; avocados, legumes, leafy vegetables, etc., which means that there are no artificial additives. We make food that we will be happy to feed our friends and loved ones. Most importantly, they taste exceptional! Succulent and indulgent foodstuff, in generous portions!! We can’t wait for you to try it, and try it again.  Finally, their Habanero sauce is wickedly spicy and delicious.