5 Popular Bubble Tea Hot Spots to Check Out

 A kaleidoscope of ingredients can go into this beverage that bubble tea drinkers have come to love.

Coffee, tea or bubble tea? All three options are what Singaporeans flock to for their daily caffeine fix, and all are worth every single calorie. For those fans who have less of a sweet tooth, many baristas offer the choice of sweetness level so you can go from zero to a hundred per cent depending on how you want to enjoy your drink. For bubble tea, you can take personalisation to the next level by adding your choice of toppings!

Typically associated with chewy tapioca pearls, popping boba, jelly, and pudding are also popular additions that offer a change-up in consistency. Essentially, you have a free range of creativity in creating your delicious, desired concoction. This is why it comes as no surprise that we don’t just like bubble tea, we LOVE it.

Explore a plethora of boba shops at the Malls of Frasers Property, and be spoilt for choice with the endless variety! Whether you’re craving a fruity boba, a cheesy macchiato or a milk-based brown sugar treat, let us quench your thirst with our list of some of the most drool-worthy bubble tea spots.

At Tea

 From iced tea with tapioca pearls to fresh juice loaded with fruity pulp, be spoilt for choice on your next bubble tea run.

Founded by award-winning singer Jam Hsiao, At Tea dares to be different. From their unique decor and design, to their special blend of flavours, At Tea provides an experience that excites the senses!

At Tea’s menu consists of a selection of teas that Jam Hsiao personally handpicked, his favourite being the Cream Cheese Foam Jam’s Oolong Tea which boasts an irresistible freshly-prepared cheese foam made daily with fresh milk, whipping cream and cream cheese, as well as sea salt from Taiwan. Aside from this crowd-pleaser, other must-tries include its aromatic Cane Roasted Black Tea Au Lait with Pearl. Its strong fruity aroma and notes of red sugarcane give this iced beverage a smooth and sweet mouthfeel. Add to this a mouthful of QQ-ness thanks to At Tea’s al-dente tapioca pearls, and you’re left with an irresistible choice for your boba fix.

Looking to beat the heat? Opt for the refreshing Zesty Grapefruit which is made with green tea leaves that are infused with fresh jasmine flowers. The addition of grapefruit juice and pulp makes it the perfect citrusy creation for our all year long summer-like weather.

At Tea is located at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master from Tiong Bahru Plaza.


 What do you get when you combine tea-drinking with art? Delicious and Instagram-worthy drinks! 

ARTEA, is an up-and-coming tea brand that focuses on serving up picture-perfect fresh milk tea and desserts.

With a strong dedication to offering premium quality artisanal flavours, ARTEA uses only the freshest ingredients for a refreshing experience with every sip. For your next dose of bubble tea, treat yourself to the Brown Sugar Milk, which combines the brand’s popular Brown Sugar Milk and Ceylon tea topped off with brown sugar cream, and a scoop of ooey, gooey, chewy bundles of fun that enrich the experience while providing a fun texture to delight and ignite your senses!

Another noteworthy flavour is ARTEA’s Signature Fruit Tea, which combines jasmine tea with seven varieties of fruit (watermelon, rock melon, strawberry, orange, calamansi, green lime and passionfruit) for a nutritional punch!

ARTEA is located at Causeway Point. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master from Causeway Point.


 Brewed-to-order with patented Teapresso machines, there is no beating a cup of boba made with real tea leaves.

Founded in 1998, CHICHA San Chen is on a mission to make high-quality tea accessible to discerning tea drinkers. Marrying the best of bubble tea with traditional tea, every cup is freshly brewed with an exclusively patented Teapresso machine.

CHICHA San Chen’s brewing technique brings out the teas’ exquisite taste as well as their natural scent. We also love their unique packaging and environmentally friendly paper carrier. You’ve got milk tea, fruit tea, and even pure tea to choose from. Make it a milk tea by adding fresh milk to any of the bases, or give the milk tea an upgrade by mixing your preferred base with cream or mousse!

A favourite among fans is the smooth and creamy Bubble Milk Tea which comprises of black tea mixed with cream, and chewy tapioca pearls which are about ten per cent larger than regular-sized pearls and covered in a layer of velvety caramel.

CHICHA San Chen is located at Eastpoint Mall, Hougang Mall, Northpoint City, Tampines 1 and Waterway Point. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master from Eastpoint Mall.

Gong Cha

 Can’t live without boba? Gong Cha has been brewing happiness since 2006 and continues to delight fans with its delicious concoctions!

Established in Taiwan in 2006, Gong Cha has become deeply appreciated by its customers, gaining global renown by word of mouth and uniquely customised service.

The essence of Gong Cha, which translates to “Tribute Tea”, originated from the provision of the most premium and refined teas to the Emperor of China. It represents the highest quality and expectations of beverages.

What’s more, Gong Cha’s honey pearls are cooked to perfection with a beautiful golden centre! Pair it with milk tea to elevate the boba’s natural sweetness, which is sure to please any bubble tea connoisseur. Or opt for the Taiwan Premium Tea Series which is carefully brewed using only the finest tea leaves from Taiwan, for sophisticated taste and aromatic fragrance. Definitely a delightful tea any time of the day!

Gong Cha is located at Causeway Point, Century Square, Hougang Mall and Northpoint City. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master from Causeway Point and Northpoint City.

The Alley 

 If milk isn’t your cup of tea, choose fresh fruit-based boba drinks that have the same addictive textures.

The Alley is best known for their Brown Sugar Deerioca Series, which boasts chewy pearls, made from scratch in-house. Try their Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk to enjoy the unadulterated experience of their brown sugar pearls.

If you’re looking for something refreshing and a little sour,  freshen up with fruit-based concoctions like  sweet and sour Lime Peach Oolong Macchiato — which fuses Peach Oolong Tea together with Ginger Ale and lime. Served with a generous amount of velvety Himalayan Salt Macchiato Cream, this yummy beverage is guaranteed to hit the spot. There’s also the uniquely fizzy Mango Green Tea and Ginger Ale — made with a mix of Mango Green Tea and Ginger Ale, and complemented with Green Tea Jelly for added texture!

The Alley is located at Northpoint City and Tampines 1. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master from Northpoint City and Tampines 1. 

Whichever option you choose, bubble tea outings are an easy and delicious way to spend time with friends and family. So, the next time you catch up with a loved one, take a break from work or running errands, be sure to hit up any of these five bubble tea hot spots for a mouth-watering thirst quencher.

Visit the Malls of Frasers Property for more delectable bubble tea options, and don’t forget to order with Frasers Makan Master on the Frasers Experience (FRx) app to get $3 off when you enter promo code TAKE3OFF!