5 Places to Get the Best Coffee 

 For many, the consumption of this energising elixir is a daily ritual that cannot be missed.

On most street corners in Singapore, you’ll see coffee spots filled with laptop users or early-morning commuters grabbing a cup before they head to the office.

From super Instagram-worthy cafes to those catering to digital nomads and, straight through to the kiosks serving up world-class espressos and cold brews, there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to coffee. 
Read on as we spill the beans on five great and distinctive places to get your caffeine fix.
1. Aroma Coffee & Co.

 Discover adventurous and delectable fusions between specialty coffee and artisanal tea.
State-of-the-art espresso machines take centre stage amidst white spaces and bright white light at this minimalistic, yet sophisticated takeaway coffee spot.
Co-founded by Kayson and Andrew, their philosophy behind Aroma Coffee & Co. is as bold as their cafe's design language. As coffee lovers, they are inspired by specialty coffee culture from around the world. As businessmen, they hope to create a sustainable and hospitable world, where everyone benefits — one cup of coffee at a time.
Offering medium-to-full-bodied brews cupped from beans sourced from small farmers worldwide, treat yourself to its house blend, which is a low acidity, with the taste of dark chocolate, caramelised nuts and hints of citrus notes. There’s also its signature line of curated drinks, known collectively as Spreeze. This series includes flavours like the delectable Dirty Earl, refreshing Summer Blossom and velvety Creme Caramel, all of which are concocted with coffee, artisan tea and milk. Last but not least, coconut lovers will swoon over its seasonal drink, the aromatic and refreshing Iced Siam Coconut Latte.
Aroma Coffee & Co. will also be offering a single-origin cold brew series soon, so keep a lookout for that the next time you need a perk-me-up. 
Aroma Coffee & Co. is located at Northpoint City
2. dal.komm COFFEE

The cafe chain’s international popularity is boosted by its appearance in several hit Korean TV dramas.
Enjoy your cup of joe in a modern atmosphere brought to life with eye-catching gallery-style picture frames, and one-of-a-kind music-themed decorations.
Specialising in quality Arabica bean brews made with a proprietary selection of coffee blends, dal.komm COFFEE positions itself as a trendy lifestyle entertainment coffee chain. Its espresso is extracted from dal.komm COFFEE’s top-of-the-line coffee machine, ensuring customers a satisfying brew every time. We recommend its Coffee Cube, a rich and creamy milk beverage topped with frozen coffee cubes made with its proprietary Arabica beans. Also, keep a lookout for its seasonal coffee blends that are customised based on matching seasonal menu items. 
Apart from its coffee, this South Korean coffee chain also offers enticing and wholesome specialty beverages concocted with fresh fruits and ingredients. Soak in the delightfully stylish decor while slurping on the refreshing Honey Grapefruit or creamy Sweet Potato Latte. If you’re feeling peckish, choose from the cafe’s array of tantalising dishes including the DK House Salad, Signature Oven Baked Wings, Crab Cake Salad, as well as Kimchi Cheese Pizza to keep the munchies at bay. 
dal.komm COFFEE is located at The Centrepoint.
3. Joe & Dough
 Joe & Dough prides itself on the little things like remembering its customers’ names and favourite beverages for a truly personalised experience.
Cosy and inviting, Joe & Dough’s interior boasts a palette of neutral colours and light wood. Warm lighting is also used to highlight the cafe’s features, creating zones while altering your perception of space. 
Once you’ve found the perfect spot, indulge in its signature d.r. Joe coffee drink which features the best flavours of the house blend, Joe 1914 — a 4-bean, medium dark roast blend which consists of Brazilian Santos, Ethiopian Sidamo, Sumatra Mandheling, and Colombian Supremo beans. To brew this beverage, the barista takes utmost care in every step to pull a double ristretto, which tastes less bitter and offers a consistently smooth, bold yet well-balanced cup of coffee.
Complement your coffee with Joe & Dough's sought-after Gula Melaka Pandan cake, which debuted in 2014, to commemorate Singapore’s 49th birthday. It features a fragrant pandan infused butter cake slathered in Gula Melaka, and topped with desiccated coconut. Just a few months after its launch, this seasonal special made its way to their list of mainstays after countless requests by regulars to bring it back. 
Other must-try delights include its Rose Lychee Cake, Key Lime Chia Seed Tart and Valrhona Dark Chocolate Brownie — ultimate tea-time snacks for those craving something sweet. 
Joe & Dough is located at Northpoint City and Tiong Bahru Plaza.
4. O’Brew Culture
 Check out the Dalgona Drink series which is served with authentic Korean dalgona 달고나 (ppopgi).
This open style kiosk cafe provides a cosy setting for you to sip on a bevy of artisanal coffee beverages including the trendy dalgona coffee.
The mouth-watering coffee creation, known as dalgona coffee, is the star at O’Brew Culture. For those of you who have binge-watched Netflix’s Korean survival drama, Squid Game, and laid eyes on the iconic Squid Game cookie made with dalgona, you can now experience the authentic Korean snack right here in Singapore. Available in the flavours such as Coffee, Chocolate, Matcha, Hojicha, Rose Milk and Milk Tea, O’Brew Culture’s Dalgona Series adds a sweet and slightly bitter finish to your daily dose of caffeine — thanks to the addition of honeycomb toffee. 
Aside from dalgona coffee, get your fix of espresso made with a blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Indonesian beans of a medium dark roast. The espresso is rich and bold with a full-bodied, well-rounded mouthfeel and a refreshing, clean finish. There’s also the cold brew and drip coffee, brewed with Ethiopian single origin beans of a medium-to-medium dark roast. Discover floral and fruity notes while you sip on this clean, silky smooth brew.
Pair your cup of coffee with O’Brew Culture’s range of cakes and desserts including popular items such as its keto-friendly Low Carb Flourless Japanese Cheesecake, Ondeh Ondeh Cake, Apple Crumble and Carrot Cake for a delightful treat.
O’Brew Culture is located at Tampines 1.
5. Ratio Cafe & Lounge
 Be greeted by warm smiles from Ratio Cafe & Lounge’s customer service team while robotic arms make your cups of coffee with laser-like precision. 
Geometrically designed tiles in shades of grey line the walls and counter of this revolutionary cafe concept bar to create texture, whilst the contemporary furniture adds a touch of chic to the space.
Made by a robotic arm — the drinks offered here are conceptualised by some of the world’s leading bartenders, baristas, and master “Tao Chiews” (masters at the art of making Nanyang kopi) — think Kopi O Gao and more. The icing on the cake? You can create and fully personalise your drink based on your individual preference using Ratio Cafe & Lounge’s proprietary system, that can put together ingredients at the exact ratio specified by you, via the Ratio app or the electronic ordering system.
Whether you’re having coffee while you work on your laptop or looking for a grab-and-go morning brew, choose from Ratio Cafe & Lounge’s two espresso blends: the Ratio Blend with notes of caramel, molasses and dark chocolate, and the Blend 53 with notes of cashew nuts, milk, chocolate, and sweet dates. These blends are used to make unique menu offerings including the tropical Cold Brew Coconut Latte, Banana Latte, and Nutty Chocolate Latte which includes Frangelico for an extra kick to lift your spirits. 
There’s also its Pandan Latte, a proven crowd-pleaser along with its Yuan Yang, which is highly recommended for people who want a combination of coffee and tea.
Ratio Cafe & Lounge is located at The Centrepoint.
As you can see, there are a lot of choices available for people looking for a dose of coffee. With this list in hand, be sure to drop by any of these cafes and coffee roasters to get expertly crafted cups of brew-licious liquid fuel.