Celebrate the Lunar New Year With These 6 Festive Menus

At the heart of the Lunar New Year is ultimately a celebration of food and family.
So, the Lunar New Year is looking a little different this year. Perhaps the annual dinner gatherings at your favourite restaurants can’t happen, or that you’re going to have to stagger relative visiting timings. Either way, you don’t have to do the planning alone.
Despite the restrictions in place, you best believe that you can still enjoy your darling dishes with Frasers Makan Master. When you can’t go to the Lunar New Year spread, let it come to you, we say! We’ve rounded up six great home delivery and takeaway options so that you can get both maximum indulgence and maximum safety this holiday season.

Dian Xiao Er

Usher in the Year of the Ox with a splendid ensemble of sumptuous culinary celebrations at Dian Xiao Er.
Born out of a vision to serve up delicious herbal roast ducks in a casual dining setting, Dian Xiao Er has become a brand synonymous with that, and much more. 
A must-have during Lunar New Year gatherings, toss to good health and fortune with its Prosperity Yusheng — where you can select from a choice of abalone or smoked salmon, paired with a harmony of traditional condiments and sauces. There’s also a selection of signature mainstays to offer you a myriad of delectable options for your reunion feast. 
You can look forward to classic signatures like the Herbal Roast Duck, Fish Maw Thick Soup with Seafood, as well as “Dong Po” Braised Pork Belly — all befitting of the festivities.
Bring the family together for a delightful harmony of flavours with Dian Xiao Er, located at Northpoint City, Waterway Point and Tampines 1. Available for takeaway on Frasers Makan Master.

Joe & Dough 

 Whether traditional or modern, there’s always room for Joe & Dough desserts during Lunar New Year!
Eating sweets during the Lunar New Year is encouraged as it represents bringing sweet happenings to the coming year, or starting the new year on a sweet note. 
While not exactly your typical fortune cake or fa gao (发糕), the roundness of Joe & Dough’s Guanaja marble cake can just as well represent family unity and togetherness. Symbolisms aside, the classic marble cake is one of those cakes that most people find hard to turn down. 
For the uninitiated, the dual-toned cake’s marbled effect is created by layering and swirling two different coloured cake batters together. Joe & Dough uses chocolate- and vanilla-flavoured batter for its Guanaja marble cake, which gives it the beautiful chocolate swirls and a flavourful vanilla cake base. It is crowned with rich and luscious Valrhona Guanaja Chocolate frosting, taking this sweet delight to the next level. Simple yet satisfying, this scrumptious treat is at its best when served warm, and pairs perfectly with a cup of hot tea.
Pre-order this cake for your family or as a gift from Joe & Dough, located at Northpoint City and Tiong Bahru Plaza. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master from Northpoint City.

Kuriya Japanese Market 

Usher in a new year of greater success and prosperity with fresh sashimi from Kuriya Japanese Market!
 When it comes to celebrating the Lunar New Year in Singapore, one simply cannot celebrate the occasion without observing the lou hei (捞起) (Cantonese for “tossing up”) tradition and eating yusheng (鱼生). This dish is enjoyed in homes and restaurants all over Singapore during the Lunar New Year period. As such, if you’re looking for some delicious yusheng to celebrate togetherness and ring in good fortune in the year ahead — we got you!
Kuriya Japanese Market is known to be a one-stop shop for Japanese food items including fresh sashimi, sushi, sake, frozen food items, sauces, seasonings, and condiments. So you can depend on them for the freshest ingredients for special occasions. 
Upgrade your yusheng experience with fresh Hamachi (Yellowtail) air-flown from Japan! You can choose from the Abundance Yusheng (12pcs Salmon, 8pcs Hamachi, 8pcs Maguro) or the Blessings Yusheng (6pcs Salmon, 6pcs Hamachi) set. Both sets are served with Kuriya Japanese Market’s house signature Japanese Yuzu Sauce. Another unique Japanese twist is the inclusion of Chuka Kurage (seasoned jellyfish) and Chuka Wakame (seasoned seaweed) as base ingredients for the prosperity toss.
Raise your chopsticks and toss to the new year with yusheng from Kuriya Japanese Market, located at Northpoint City, Tiong Bahru Plaza and Waterway Point. Also available for pre-order takeaway from Ichiban Bento on Frasers Makan Master.

Paris Baguette

 Celebrate the beginning of a new lunar cycle with Paris Baguette's Royal Lunar Family.
Looking to fill your home with snacks to keep the munchies at bay during the festivities this Spring season? Enter Paris Baguette’s Royal Lunar Family! Shake things up a little, and impress your loved ones with limited-edition cookies and cakes.
Meet The King’s Roll, which is filled with premium buttercream made from Isigny butter and sweet red bean paste, and hail The Queen’s Pound Cake, which is baked with tangy pineapple and refreshing mango, to add a twist to your spread of traditional Lunar New Year offerings. That’s not all! Make way for limited-edition cookies that come in four distinct flavours: Royal Orange & White Choco Cookie, Royal Macadamia Cookie, Royal Choco Macadamia Cookie and Royal Double Choco Cookie — all gracefully packed in an exquisite packaging adorned in red and gold decorative elements.
You have a choice of the Royal Family of 4 or Royal Family of 6 where you are welcome to mix and match any four or six ‘Royal Lunar New Year’ series products! Receive a complimentary Limited Edition PB Tote Bag when you take home the Royal Family of 6.
Bite into these delicious pastries from Paris Baguette, located at Northpoint City. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master.


This fruity pizza is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth.
Welcome a prosperous Year of the Ox with Pezzo’s seasonal Fortune Pizza! Boasting a festive colour palette, this East-meets-West offering is made with fresh mandarin oranges to liven up this anything-but-ordinary pizza.
With their citrusy brightness, the oranges add a touch of freshness and zing to the savoury ingredients. Topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, the chunks of popcorn chicken bring a juicy, crispy bite while bits of red capsicum contribute a hint of spice. The finishing touch to this seasonal special? A generous drizzle of sesame oil, and a sprinkling of sliced spring onions. Pulling all of the ingredients together is Pezzo’s secret orange sauce, which leaves a sweet-tangy note that lingers on the palate. 
To get your money’s worth, choose from the Prosperity Bundle, Harvest Bundle or Bountiful Blessings Combo. All of them come with the Fortune Pizza, at least one side (wings and/or drumlets), and no sugar Coke (2 to 4 cans). 
For a refreshing twist to this Italian staple, try the seasonal Fortune Pizza available from Pezzo, located at Causeway Point, Hougang Mall, Northpoint City, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Waterway Point, White Sands. Available for takeaway and delivery on Frasers Makan Master


May your Lunar New Year be filled with as much generosity as these delectable snacks!
Tai-Croissant was established in Taiwan in 2015, three years later and the company brought their tantalising collection of snacks to the sunny island of Singapore. 
Freshly baked daily, you can choose from over 13 types of fillings wrapped in more than 80 layers of crispy croissant pastry. The glistening sugar coating adds extra crispiness on the outside while maintaining the tenderness and softness within. Tai-Croissant’s mouth-watering array of sweet and savoury flavours are guaranteed to satisfy each and everyone’s indulgence.
This Lunar New year, experience the generous filling and flaky pastry with its Abundance Bundle Set (金“鱼”满堂) and Prosperity Bundle Set (年年有“鱼”). Each set comes with eight flavours and two drinks, perfect for sharing. The Abundance Bundle Set includes the flavours Curry Potato, Sugared Almond, Apple Cinnamon, Chicken Ham & Cheese, Kaya, Cranberry White Chocolate, Peanut, Tuna & Corn, complemented with Ice Green Tea as well as Ice Green Tea Lemonade. Don’t see your favourite flavours, fret not. The Prosperity Bundle Set features Hokkaido Custard, Sugared Almond, Apple Cinnamon, Cheesy Potato, Chocolate Custard, Cranberry White Chocolate, Cheesy Smoked Chicken and Chicken Mushroom, accompanied by two cups of Ice Black Tea.
Usher in an abundance of taste and deliciousness with Tai-Croissant, located at Causeway Point. Available for delivery on Frasers Makan Master.
As we gear up for the feasts, we hope that this list of sweet and savoury food options will make your meals auspicious and memorable. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to welcome a brand new Year of the Ox in the company of your loved ones. Stay safe, and Happy Lunar New Year!